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What are the top considerations when designing websites for tradies?

In the digital landscape, tradies are increasingly relying on their online presence to attract new clients. As website has become a first point of contact with a customer, so it should reflect the quality of work, the competence of services, and the individuality of trade. The article aims to provide you knowledge and insight to create websites for tradies that not only looks beautiful but also drives good business growth. Discover how can you maximize your online presence as a tradie.

Want to know how good web design can boost your trade business?

What is web design? Web design is process of planning and building all the elements of a website. It involves layout of images to text structure including graphics, fonts and colors used. Thus, it contains the overall feel and appearance of the website.

When designing websites for tradies (tradespeople), there are many considerations to ensure the website is effective, user-friendly, and helps generate business.

Here are the top considerations when designing websites for tradies:

#1 Easy and User-Friendly Navigation

-Design must be simple and clean that is easy to navigate for visitors. Otherwise, a cluttered design is confusion that leads to high bounce rate.

-A call to action must be Prominent and clear, for example, “Request a Quote,” “Contact Us”. It must encourage potential clients to take fast action and go to next step.

-Essential information is easily accessible and created with logical structure.

#2 Mobile friendly Website

About 50% of people nowadays use smartphones and tablets to access internet. Having a mobile responsive website allow users to view the content and see necessary information, they access the website on-the-go.

#3 Pixel perfect design

It conveys the image of a professional appearance with high-quality images. Additionally, it ensures consistency through the use of logos, colors, and fonts that align with the tradie brand.

#4 Detailed Service Description

91% people believe that visuals are important on a website. Showcasing your work through online gallery that has before-after photos, project images, or videos can help build trust in your brand. Providing clear, detailed description of services that you offer show the quality of work.

#5 Easily accessible contact information

The contact information should be accessible on each and every page. This includes the physical address, phone number, etc. Additionally, the contact/quote form used should be simple and user-friendly for inquiries or quotes.

#6 Video Testimonials and Reviews

Displaying the videos from past customers, their testimonials, reviews, and case studies this helps to build trust and credibility. Good customer care will help convert potential clients.

#7 Optimise Trade business with SEO

Website speed is a crucial ranking factor for SEO; therefore, ensure that the website loads quickly and reduces bounce rate. Additionally, optimize for local search terms to attract clients in the tradie’s business area. Moreover, the usage of relevant keywords throughout the site is essential to improve search engine ranking.

#8 Security of tradie websites

Implementation of SSL Certificates is very important to maintain the security of tradie websites and protect their user data. Secure forms are used for data collection.

#9 Proper Use of Content Management

A content management system (CMS) is used for targeted content with the aim to drive a specific response from that particular targeted group. It also allows easy updates, maintenance, helping tradie stay up to date.

#10 Social Media Integration for Tradie websites

Include social media profiles, allow users to share content and projects on social media.

By focusing on above consideration, create websites for tradies that meets their needs, drive more business and improve customer satisfaction.

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